Body Therapy is a technique I have created over the past 15 years which combines various disciplines and modalities.  I help bring your awareness through breath, intention and assisted meditation to areas of restriction in your body. In this way, you are empowered in helping to release that pattern and bring balance, energy, and flow (blood and lymphatic circulation) to help your body heal itself.


I work with acupuncture meridians as well as physical myo-fascial meridians, releasing trigger points along the way. It is always a team effort, I am the facilitator but your participation, awareness and intention is key. This is why this work is powerful, long lasting and different. I use sound healing, vibrational tools and guided meditation in addition to my hands and tools to help break up adhesions in your tissues. I can also assist you by coaching you on self care and holistic methods of maintaining optimal balance to your body.


My specialty is working post-operatively to reduce inflammation and break up scar tissue.  Over the years I have worked with women detoxing after the removal of breast implants that had begun to affect their immune system.  However, I am also skilled at working with old patterns of injury and trauma that continue to flare up with traditional massage. I can find the areas where these points of restriction are and help restore balance. 


  • Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (Chikly Style) Levels 1-2 

  • Breath Work

  • Myofascial Meridian pattern release

  • Acupressure

  • Fascia Release (Lympho-fascial release and utilizing tools to open up adhesions on the surface)

  • Sound and Vibrational Therapy

If you would like to learn more about Body Therapy and how it could help you, please click the following link, which will direct you to my external ABMP website: Lexi's Rehab Clinic