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Corona Awakening


Depending on when you find your way to this page,

much of this might be old news but hopefully, some of it will be of help for future events.  At this time (Spring 2020), we are being bombarded by all kinds of information, and it is difficult to know what to believe.  Use your own discernment, and your own inner judgment, and do your own research.  I am just here to share an alternate perspective.  Below you will find some links to help you understand how to navigate these times.  

What does the word Awakening mean to you?

To some of us, being "awakened,"  has been a way of being and interacting in this world while having the knowledge of so much more occurring outside of our 3D experience. It can be a higher connection with spiritual knowledge, other-dimensional beings, and knowledge of our true origins. This information has been around for a very long time. Those of us who identify as Starseeds, Lightworkers, Grid Keepers, and Healers have been aware of this for many years and have been waiting for the time when we can be of service. 


This is the time we have been waiting for, this is GO time, the time of Awakening.  We were warned and prepared for a possible shutdown and the collapse of systems.  Prepared in the sense of being mentally and spiritually aware of this potential outcome, some have been preparing physically with supplies and bunkers. This knowledge isn't new, it has been written about in the bible, Nostradamus, and various predictions. 

For most other people, this is a time of great confusion and fear.

Covid-19, Spring 2020


This virus: Covid-19, Coronavirus, pandemic, whatever you want to call it, has caused a massive shift in our collective awareness.  One of its names, Coronavirus is very appropriate because corona means crown in Spanish, and it is the crown chakra that has been activated collectively. This is also part of the awakening. For all of you who are new to this, what this means is that due to this collective threat or fear our awareness of the deeper agenda has opened up.  Since this began, I'm sure you have seen all kinds of posts about this from hysterical fear, to conspiracy theories or some who were overjoyed at some "awakening or ascension" they claimed had begun.  As these changes are occurring within our world, in a wider view of things, our planet is moving into a different area of the universe that is affecting her energy and magnetic grid lines. This, in turn, is affecting our collective and personal energy meridians and awareness.


What this means, is that as these changes are occurring, minds are opening up, and more and more people are becoming aware of the hidden agenda in our world. This is the process of Awakening. The knowledge is vast and mind-blowing but it can also be empowering.


There are many theories, some dwell on the negative and are disempowering, others see our true sovereignty and empower us to begin changing ourselves in order to affect our world. We all go through various stages of awareness and understanding as our energies begin shifting. 

For those of us who began this process many years ago, we had time to adjust, to seek information and help as we adjusted to the huge paradigm shifts as they came. Because the process was slow, we could take our time and often ignore things for a long time before integrating them. 

For everyone else, Awakening will be much more abrupt. You will not have the luxury of time to ignore or seek out information at your own pace.  This can be extremely confusing, scary, and frustrating.  That is why I and so many others like me are reaching out now. We are here to help in any way we can.  Perhaps the best analogy I can share with you is one of learning how to ride a bike or roller skate/blade.  When you are first learning, what you focus on will be what you navigate towards. If you are wobbly and scared and you see a tree and begin to panic, somehow you steer yourself directly towards that obstacle. So, how do you pay attention to your surroundings without unintentionally crashing against what you are trying to avoid? Ignoring or not seeing the obstacle is not practical, but neither is letting fear and panic be your guidance system. We need to be aware of the dangers but also be aware of our choices and what we focus on, how we react to our new landscape. This visual might help summarize what is required from us at this time:


Step 1:


This is the most difficult part because if you are new to this, it may seem like your entire reality is crumbling down. You may be tempted to find a way to prove it wrong, and explain it away so that none of this is real. I advise you to try and feel your way through this, give yourself space to feel it, and integrate it. Do your research.  There used to be a link here to a three-hour film that helped put it all together.  It has since been disabled and censored as so many others have. You may have come across this information on your own through various sources. Ask yourself why this information was censored and why at this time. Question everything and investigate for yourself, listen to your intuition above all else. 

Step 2:


Once you've learned what was hidden, you need to assert your sovereignty.  This is important because, if you don't stand up for what you value, you accept their agenda by default. This is a universal law. Laura Eisenhower, great-grandaughter of President Eisenhower released a video doing just that. It has also been taken down, but it was called Message to the Dark Controllers

Step 3:  


This last step will seem crazy but it is necessary. Moving into compassion, seeing the divinity in everyone, realizing that even though they are lost in darkness, there was once light in them too. Forgiving them and loving them for the role they are playing in this Ascension does not condone their actions. This is why Step 2 is important.  Laura Eisenhower integrates Step 3 in her message. 

Below are more links to understanding how to navigate these times, from the perspective of lightworkers, Gaia, and the help we are receiving from beyond our planet.  Depending on when you find your way to this page, a lot of this might be old news but hopefully, some of it will be of help. If you have any questions and there is some way I can be of service, let me know.

Significance of 2020   (conversation between two QHHT/BQH hypnotherapists, Allison Coe and Candace Craw-Goldman)

March 30, 2020, Gaia Speaks (Joanna The Medium/Healer delivers a channeled message from Gaia's perspective)

BQH session: Staying out of Fear.    (Allison Coe)

Great Stargate Choice Point  (Quantum Healers Live Mass Meditation)

444 Portal Starseed Unification Ceremony, New Dawn Creation.  (Magenta Pixie Guided Meditation)

Q and A on Global Meditation and April Energies  (Magenta Pixie)

Timeline War, COVID-19 Narrative, Attempted Planetary Takeover

Further explanation of what is occurring from a different perspective. Magenta Pixie presents a two and a half-hour talk on the current global situation, bringing forth a narrative from a psychic, intuitive and channeled perspective.


Beyond Majestic.  A controversial documentary about secret space programs, cosmic disclosure, and ancient aliens.


Apocalypse Narratives Fuel Lack (Empath, Amanda Flaker explains why believing in certain conspiracy theories disempower you)

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