Energy Alignment Therapy

As we awaken to our body's abilities, we naturally discover that we are so much more than our physical bodies. In fact, we are all energy, everything you see and touch is composed of energy vibrating at different rates which give them the characteristics that our senses recognize. 

As our awareness heightens and we clear away the obstacles, the energy pathways in our bodies begin to activate.  The obstacles I am referring to are belief systems, conditioning that our society, religion, and well-meaning parents and education system have instilled in us. Namely that you are not enough, that you could never know enough or be enough and that you need to give your power away to others to "fix" you.  These obstacles usually have some heavy emotions tied to them, like shame, guilt, fear, anger. 

That was the old way, in the old-earth paradigm. Times are changing now, they have been changing for quite a while, but recently things have sped up, which is why you find yourself here. I am not here to tell you that you need me to fix you somehow.  Whether it is a physical condition, a forgotten awareness or a reclaiming of your energy potential, it was already a part of you, it is your birthright. I am only here to help you remember, to help you reclaim it and to help you reconnect to it. 

An energy alignment session can take place in person or at a distance, it can even take place through zoom. There is no physical touch but you will feel your physical body respond, your other senses might also activate. Everyone's experience is unique and special depending on what you are ready to allow in at that time, and what is in your best interest.  Some people experience downloads of information, other people experience physical changes or changes in their responses to events in their lives. 

A session can take around 45-60 minutes and then there is time for you to integrate and discuss what you experienced.