BQH ~ What led me to this journey?

You might be wondering exactly what can occur during a session of Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH). What do we see, experience, feel, discover, and how? To answer this I must remind you, that you are so much more than the image you see in the mirror. You are so much more than the sum of your earthly experiences. Yes, you read that correctly. Beyond the memories you have of this life, is who you are as a soul, that spark of life and energy that can never be destroyed. That spark of life that always was and always will be, because it is part of Source energy/ God, whatever word you use to describe that.

Maybe you are familiar with this topic, with the exploration of past lives, between lives, parallel lives, and even other dimensions. If you are, not only do I applaud you, I welcome you and I am relieved that we don’t have to start with the basics. For the rest of you, who adamantly believe “you only live once” or that this is it, and when you die you die and that’s all there is to it, well, all I can say is “Good luck with that!” I’m not here to convince you or change your mind or even open it. That’s not what I do. If you found yourself on my page and on this blog, then it must be because your mind is at least curious if not already awake. Otherwise, you may as well escape now.

My own exploration began when I was 18. I always knew there was more to life than what our 5 senses or religion taught us. I felt acertain magic in nature and I could feel how other people’s moods affected me even without interacting with them. I began having lucid dreams and exploring meditation at 18 and that was when I had my first of many interesting experiences. None of these experiences were induced by any chemicals or plants, just different states of consciousness, not to judge, just to be clear of where my experiences came from.

The first experience I had, was leaving my body by accident during a meditation, seeing my physical body lying in bed while my energy body stood at the foot of the bed. I was greeted by 3 hooded beings in the shadows. They looked like Franciscan monks with their hoods covering their faces. Although they didn’t feel dangerous but more like teachers, I still freaked out and jumped back into my body. That experience led me to investigate the paranormal. The first book that caught my eye was written by Ruth Montgomery and it was about “Walk-Ins.” I guess you could say that was my first peek down the rabbit hole.

In the years that followed, I burrowed deep down that proverbial rabbit hole into the exploration of all things unseen. I had my first regression at the RavenHeart Center in Boulder Colorado in 2001, exploring not just past lives but life between lives and also a soul retrieval ceremony. When we are very young and experience trauma, one of the ways we cope is by fragmenting, part of our soul energy detaches. Some people call that inner child work or shadow work.

I first went on these journeys to help myself heal from a variety of inexplicable autoimmune conditions that I was experiencing. Since I was a child, I had a feeling that my emotions and my health were connected somehow and so instinctively I believed that in order to heal my physical body I needed to work on my emotional body and my soul. They are all connected after all. This led me into a life full of interesting and fascinating healing journeys, some of which took place in the Andes and various places in America with Shamans. Medical doctors were baffled by the complete remission of the various conditions they were sure I had and the absence of any radiological evidence to prove the contrary.

I learned that when I am following my calling, my path, my energy body is in alignment and my health reflects that. In my personal life, I decided to pursue a career in Holistic Bodywork advocating natural healing as opposed to running to pharmaceutical interventions first. Eventually, I specialized in Lymphatic Drainage and energy work along the body’s myofascial meridians using my hands, tools, and tuning forks.

My hope was also to be able to help people by tapping into their sub-conscious or supra-conscious minds to help them find their own answers and healing. That is what Beyond Quantum Healing does. It is a guided meditation where I guide you to explore these areas for yourself.

Everyone’s journey is unique and colored by your individual needs, beliefs, stories, and your higher self’s guidance. If you are not ready to uncover something because it is not in your highest good, it will not be revealed to you until you are ready. Your higher self is like a loving parent or teacher and sometimes a gatekeeper to what we uncover.