If I were to fall, who would catch me?

I saw myself standing over the edge looking down, hoping that somebody would pull me in. Remembering years past, believing faith would break my fall or teach me to fly.

It did, yes it did.

I fell from grace like Sofia aka Wisdom loses her way and falls into darkness believing her light can change things. Instead, the darkness nearly engulfed me and choked me.

A shadow contract to be on the losing side of any battle; to love but never be loved, to save but never be saved, to heal and never to be healed. That shadow contract with myself was reflected in the eyes of another. I took his darkness and he took my voice. My heart was left unable to express or connect with my divinity.

Then came the wind of change, like a spell freeing me and I saw myself surrounded by reflecting strings of light. Each one offered me a new gift, a way to save myself and find myself. The light began to blind me. So I asked myself, what do I need?

If I found myself on the sunny side of the street surrounded by the darkness of my deepest fears, would I see you there in front of me? Ready to fall with me? Fly with me? (Would you) reach into the darkness and pull me out?

The reflection I saw reminded me of my dreams and aspirations coming to me without hesitation or obligation. I broke those shadow contracts and shed a tear of forgiveness for myself and my liberation. It was always me. What I needed was to reconnect with my heart, set myself free and remember to fly.