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Open To Receiving

The first gift came as a Beyond Quantum Healing. I experienced being a formless being of energy, able to transcend any barriers of time and distance and any boundaries of being. I united with others like me who were seeding light throughout the galaxy. At the end of our session, I received another gift, removing an energy block from my left hip. It had been keeping me from allowing others to care for me, because that trust had been broken so long ago. I was told by my higher self to let the resonance of my heart attract the tribe that would help expand and support me.

Then my life began to unfold:

Healing and releasing blocks of energy from past betrayals of trust, I opened myself up to receiving any and all gifts from the universe.

Like angels, these light bearers then descended around me, coming from all sides. Each had a special gift to share with me. They did not know one another, but they all seemed to know me.

One held the earth vision of connectedness. He wrapped me in his protective web of light, offering me counsel, connections and assistance from a heart wide open and expecting nothing in return. He came to my aid whenever I most needed him, shining his gentle twinkling light into the dark crevices of my broken and damaged heart.

Another bearer of crystal light embodied the energy of a mother dragon; a powerful, abundant healer, generous and strong. She had formed a tribe of mind-body therapists and could see deep into your calling and mission in life. I was adopted into her circle for the gifts unique to me, so I could add to her tribe and in return she would help me bring perfect union to my body and mind.

Then one day, when my left arm locked up in pain and a young steward of light presented himself to me. He said he was a servant of God and that my heart was locked in fear. Strumming my pain with his fingers, he weaved healing light through his hands, freeing me softly with his words, releasing me from my cage.

The one commonality among these light bearers was the community of connections that each of them had forged in their lives, in their tribes and families. Showing me by example how different life could be when you’re not just focused on surviving on your own.