Wake Up Darling

A child whose light can't be remembered

Shrouded in silence and shame

Surrounded by sadness and pain

Things that were done to you

And like a co-conspirator you helped hide

"It was never your fault",

helpful voices told

Still the shame inside

"Why was I singled out?

What is so horrible about me

that deserves

this punishment and pain?"

Time moved on and the attacks subsided

Though the wounds and shame remained

As a young woman

She found herself in a similar game

Sought after for her sensual charms

the way her being uplifted

She didn't realize they stole her power

Seeking warmth, seeking shelter,

she consented to the role of secret lover

Praised in private, through the cover

of darkness, sweet whispers

slippery lies that left her weaker

She grew up to discover

That what had once attracted lovers

Now scared away potential suitors

That wanton erotic power was now feared

"She can not be controlled, or confined

If she knows", voices whispered

"Let's make her believe that there is something wrong

in being so free,"

"You can't really be loved if you are desired."

"She'll have the upper hand, she'll leave."

Instead they left, or let her leave

"Not worth keeping, too much of a risk,

not the settling kind."

Not worth fighting for, is what she heard

and so she let herself be caged and tamed instead

Subdued, her glorious plumage dulled

The fiery power inside her died

She forgot she could fly

Like a phoenix that drowned

in a sea if emotions

Neptune stole her morning sun

Absorbing the pain for her captors

That's an Empath's sad game

Driven to heal and nurture others

in repentance for her wanton ways.

She came to believe she deserved no voice of her own

"How dare she want to shine?"

Until her light was almost gone

Years passed before angels intervened,

"It's time dear one to awaken,

You were never meant to live like this.

Absconded, your power and memory wiped

You came here to be their glory and light!

Your sensuality was meant to awaken and elevate men from their drudgery

You were meant to inspire and be a muse

You are the conduit of light through passion

You were meant to be shining bright across the sky

Connecting the mundane to the Divine

They stole your light!

They shamed you into hiding

They made you feel unworthy

For having and being what they so desired

And could never be on their own

Wake up darling, you weren't meant to be in hiding."

They whispered again and again, hoping to rouse her from her slumber

But her pain and grief had left her disconnected, unable to comprehend

Her body and heart shut down.

"What if we set in motion things to collapse

her old life and paradigm?"

"She'll have no choice but to reinvent herself."

And so the dominos began to fall

one by one they tumbled down until

All were scattered on the ground

There was no longer a cage

Yet still her memory was clouded

The invisible noose around her neck

Still palpable, a corded obstruction choking her

with the darkness she had swallowed

So an emissary was sent

"He'll free her heart, he will bring her fire back to light."

"He'll wake her up."

Igniting her passion and free will

Despite herself, she began to feel

All her senses smoldered, sensuous

When you're hurting and lonely

a tiny touch can ignite a bonfire

Burning like embers falling tender

two hearts tumbled to the ground

But will she know? Will she remember?

"Wake up darling, you were never meant to be in hiding.

You are the conduit of light through passion

Here to transform the mundane into Divine

Don't let these truths be lost on you

You've awakened. Don't fall back asleep this time!

Let's raise a glass or two

You were meant to be shining bright across the sky.

You were meant to be their muse, not their toy for a time.

They shamed you into hiding. Don't let him do the same to you."