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Available Services

Traditional Swedish  & Deep Tissue

Experience the soothing, long, fluid strokes of Swedish massage to relax your nervous system and release tension in your body. For restricted areas that need deeper release and specific work, deep tissue using knuckles, thumbs, elbows and tools will get you feeling relief. 

60/90/120 min

Fasciablasting & Guasha scraping

I use Ashley Black's tools to release adhesions on fascia lines. This creates more expansion in the tissues allowing for better circulation, releasing knots and smoothing out the fascia which can help in the appearance of cellulite and scars. Guasha or Graston uses stainless steel tools to break up superficial restrictions as well.  This works really well in combination with cupping. 

Add-On spot tx or full body

Lymphatic Drainage

Trained in Bruno Chikly's technique of manual lymphatic drainage therapy and mapping is very relaxing and useful in helping your body detox, and reduce inflammation. This is helpful after illness, pre and post surgery , to speed recovery from intense workouts and to manage auto-immune diseases.

60/90/120 min

Essential Oils

I've been a big believer in the power of plant medicine for decades, using the purest, organic YL essential oils. It is concentrated plant medicine. Normally mixed with a carrier oil to protect the skin unless used on your feet where it absorbs much better into your body. This is a wonderful therapeutic addition to any treatment.

*Additional Cost Add-On

Cupping & Vacuum Cupping

Cupping therapy works by creating suction in the tissues, allowing stagnant circulation to come to the surface and be moved to drain. Cupping can also help release adhesions caused by tight, restricted fascia. The way I use cups will not leave the battle wounds you may be used to because the cups are constantly in motion. 

Add-On spot tx or full body

Treatments for your face

30-min add on treatment. Begins with hot towels and cleansing gels to prep the skin. Followed by fasciablasting and guasha to release tension and smooth fine lines. Finished with vacuum cupping to drain lymph and reduce inflammation. Soothing face cream and serum applied to calm the skin and nourish the cells

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