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My Story

At Florida Lymph Drainage, I function as a health advocate. I am dedicated to helping individuals achieve optimal health and wellness. My journey to becoming a health advocate began when I had my own health challenges that I needed to overcome. This experience inspired me to pursue a major in Psychology with a minor in Biology, so I could better understand the connection between our minds and emotions and our bodies. 


I am passionate about providing clients with the tools and resources they need to take charge of their own health and unlock a greater level of wellbeing. My services include lymphatic drainage, therapeutic massage, nutrition advice, and a better understanding of our mind-body connection.

Wellness Coach

My Approach

I'm passionate about helping people develop a deeper connection with their bodies, so they can rediscover how their body and mind interact. I like to think of it as awakening your inner sanctuary. By doing so, I believe we can promote holistic healing for the body. To make this a reality, I use various techniques and approaches to reduce inflammation, release restrictions, and bring the body into a state of better balance. Together, we'll work to achieve your wellness goals and help you feel your best

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