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My Story

Since I was young, I believed that our interpretation of the world and how we internalize it has an impact on our physical health. This led me to pursue a major in Psychology with a minor in Biology. Later on, I pursued graduate studies in medical research with a focus on psycho-neuro-immunology at the NIH. During this time, my body taught me a lesson through personal experience. I received several dire diagnoses and had to explore and heal many suppressed and forgotten aspects of myself to overcome these challenges. The healing journey was both wonderful and challenging, and it continues to this day. I use this ongoing journey as a way to learn and serve others who are also on a similar path

Bedroom with View

My Approach

I'm passionate about helping people develop a deeper connection with their bodies, so they can rediscover how their body and mind interact. I like to think of it as awakening your inner sanctuary. By doing so, I believe we can promote holistic healing for the body. To make this a reality, I use various techniques and approaches to reduce inflammation, release restrictions, and bring the body into a state of better balance. Together, we'll work to achieve your wellness goals and help you feel your best

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