How it all began

I was fortunate enough to have a childhood rich in connections to my spirit family, my guides and other worldly protectors.  In 3D reality, my childhood was troubled, lonely and with a fair amount of trauma and disfunction, which unfortunately is not that uncommon. 


I grew up in a Roman Catholic family and attended catholic school from K-8. Most of that time I questioned what I was being taught and for my insolence I was sent to clean the convent on many occasions. This I did not mind because they had a pretty little chapel with beautiful stained glass and the peaceful solitude of my punishment in this setting was very healing for me.


I learned to find comfort in the sanctuary, in the gardens outside.  The breeze felt like arms that hugged me and the leaves blowing in the wind felt like messages from nurturing guides. My connection with the elementals and earth was very healing and I would often have my little nature ceremonies in front of the chapel. When I was found out, it was back to cleaning the convent. 

This punishment was very therapeutic for me and as a result I became inspired and began to write. My writing revealed messages to me about a deeper connection, a deeper love and understanding. 

In my day to day life I would often feel sick to my stomach but doctors couldn't find anything really wrong with me, then there were horrible headaches and lucid dreams.   This went on to my early 20's.  In my mid teens I began suspecting that my emotions and my health were interconnected as I always felt fine when I was in nature or alone but in the company of others, specially those who were angry or upset my body would always react.

As soon as I could drive I would go to the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach and spend hours in that huge metaphysical library. Another favorite place for me was the National Library of Health at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda Maryland. Lastly it was the Library of Congress and National Archives.  I was so lucky to grow up in Washington DC, close to all of this great knowledge in the days  before the internet. 

In college in the mid 90's  I decided to study Biology and Psychology. I was convinced that I would somehow discover the bridge between our mind/emotions and our physical health.  This led to me studying psycho-neuro-immunology and working part time in the neuro-endocrine department of the National Institute of Mental Health.  My hero was one of the lecturers there, Dr. Candace Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion. 

Everything was coming together for me in my work life, when I got really sick.  In personal life, things were far from perfect. I had recently left a bad relationship where I stayed far longer than I should have because my partner got multiple sclerosis and I became his caretaker.  When I left, there was a lot of judgement and guilt from those who knew us and 6 months later I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis as well. 


It took me a lot of soul work, self knowledge and growth with the help of many healers along the way to realize that I was an empath and had taken on his disease out of guilt. Over the 2 years that followed, my health deteriorated and I was seeing a slew of specialists who couldn't help me.  At the worst of it, I was diagnosed with Lupus, TIA's and MS all at once, along with having a 2 mm hole in my heart. Finally in an act of desperation I decided to quit my job, school, rent my condo out and move to Virginia Beach to let the Edgar Cayce Institute help me heal.  What ended up happening was a major healing crisis and a completely different career path for me. I became a holistic massage therapist.

Over the 15 years that followed my work and my interests kept growing. I became a Reconnective Healing Practitioner in 2009 (have not re-certified since). I took part in many Shamanic Journeys and Regressions, many sessions of hypnotherapy, EMDR, fell through many rabbit holes and found my way to the other side. I'm happy to say that I am perfectly healthy now, even the hole in my heart has sealed itself. 

Healing is an inside job, one that takes great dedication and courage to embark on and one that is very unique and different for everyone. I am here hoping to be a guide in your journey.