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About Lexi Lopez

Hi, my name is Lexi.


I'm a massage therapist and lymphatic drainage practitioner. I am passionate about helping women with auto-immune issues feel empowered in their well-being. I have lived this experience myself over the past 25 years and for 18 years I've worked in the wellness industry with various physicians and therapists.


What I've noticed is that inflammation increases with emotional frustration about feeling powerless over our bodies and our health. This is why I became a massage therapist and specialized my services to help reduce inflammation and help you feel empowered to improve your health.


At 27, I was diagnosed with several auto-immune conditions including Lupus, MS, vasculitis, transient ischemic attacks (mini-strokes), and a hole in my heart. At the time I was working at the National Institute of Health and studying psychoneuroimmunology.


Traditional medicine and the top specialists couldn't help me and after a few years I turned to complementary/alternative medicine and I found relief. Eventually, this led me to study holistic massage at the Edgar Cayce Institue in Virginia Beach and I've been healthy and prescription free for almost 20 years now.


To see if I could help guide you to feel more empowered in your well-being, please book a free consultation. 

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