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Discovering joy and bringing passion back into business by uncovering disease (dis-ease).

Over the past year I've been implementing self-growth and development to help me create a better business. At times it felt like work, an endless list of things to-do, and I couldn't figure out how to bring joy into the equation.

In September, I finally did something radical for me, I decided to share my writing on open-mic. Now I'm discovering joy by returning to my love of writing. Though I had loved writing since childhood and knew it created a wonderful connection to the divine for me, it was something I kept private.

The poem I'm sharing here is about uncovering disease & discovering joy. This is what led to my healing and also my career change. Rediscovering this is now adding passion back into my business. I wrote this about 20 years ago, right before I left medical research in favor of complimentary holistic bodywork. I hope you find it enlightening.

Uncovering Disease
Poem by Lexi Lopez

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