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Add-On Services / Enhancements

Add-On Treatments

Castor Oil Pack with Lymphatic Drainage: 30 min treatment where the Castor Oil pack is applied and lymphatic Drainage Treatment is done to the head, neck, and chest. Castor Oil assists in balancing internal fluids and circulation, improving lymphatic flow, releasing scar tissue, regulating digestive function, and detoxifying your liver. You can take the disposable pack home and can reuse it up to 10 times if stored in the refrigerator. $50


Castor Oil Pack added to any service: As it is applied, the rest of your body receives a massage, lymphatic drainage, or cupping. $20

Dry Body Brushing: You will receive a lesson on how to body brush properly and let that guide you on where lymphatic circulation may be stagnant. I will dry brush your whole body before the treatment and then you can take the brush home with you. $20 

Detoxifying Bentonite Clay Treatment: A blend of essential oils and Aztec healing clay is applied to the armpits and abdomen to draw out heavy metals and impurities. Afterward, the area is massaged with Lympho-Care massage lotion to enhance lymphatic circulation. $35

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