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*First-time Lymphatic Drainage clilents must book an Initial Assessment, prices vary*

LymphLexi Therapy.png

LymphLexi Therapy

Depending on your body's needs and your goals:

A combination of manual lymphatic drainage therapy, Lympho-Fascial Release, and Lymphatic Cupping.

1 hr $115/ 1.5 hrs $170 / 2 hrs $225
Series of 5 1.5 hour sessions available for $780
*does not include massage*

Therapeutic Massage with Tools

Releasing restrictions in your tissues from all angles!


I'll be using deep, slow manual therapy, deep-tissue vacuum-cupping, Fascia tools, heated stones, and cool fascia-flushing and scraping.

1 hr $130 / 1.5 hrs $185 / 2 hrs $230 

Deep Tissue Tools.png

Swedish Relaxation with Hot Stones

The long, smooth, gliding strokes of Swedish Massage are perfect to alleviate physical and emotional stress. The addition of hot stones helps to add another layer of comfort and melt away tension.

50 min $100 / 80 min $150 / 110 min $1

Add-Ons/ Enhancements

You can enhance any treatment with these therapeutic, detoxifying add-ons. Simply, add one to your cart after booking a service.

Add-On Treatments
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